Aircraft Warning Light / Obstruction Light

Tass Medium Intensity Aircraft Warning Light

Medium-intenisty aircraft warning lights that may be used in high areas where its height is above the surrounding areas by more than 45meters. Strong and robust design made the withstand exposure to harsh environments. 

  • ICAO (Type B/C) compliant design and performance
  • Multidirectional medium intensity aviation red light
  • Remote failure monitoring for LED failure 
  • Energy Efficient system (consume less power than conventional light warning system)
  • Long LED lift span >50,000 burning hours 
  • LED's are backed up woth protection circuits and designed to glow independently, thus preventing total blackout 
  • High quality reflectors for efficient beam control
  • Photo-sensor enabled 
  • Customizable for both AC and DC 
  • High quality aluminium alloy body with protective coating 
  • Anti corrosion resistant 
  • Flasher regulator in seperate weatherproof enclousure
  • IP65