Aircraft Warning Light / Obstruction Light

Tass Low Intensity Twin Aircraft Warning Light

Avaids aircraft warning lights are compact, sturdy, power saving LED low-intensity lights. Used in high applications like high-rise power transmission and telecom towers, high-rise pylongs and chimneys and buildings. 

  • ICAO (type A/B) compliant product design and performance
  • Omniidrectional low intensity light (10cd - 32cd) 
  • Service and standby facility with automatic change over in case of failure
  • Energy Saving efficient system 
  • LED light source with 50,000 burning hours 
  • Customizable for both AC and DC environments
  • High quality optics 
  • Anti corrosion metals 
  • Excellent dust and moisture sealing through EPDM 
  • Operating temp range of -25 degree celsius to  +50 degree celsius.