Aircraft Warning Light / Obstruction Light

Tass High Intensity Aircraft Warning Light

Avaids high intensity aircraft warning lights are high discharge lights, designed for minimal gorun dscatter, used for marking of Aviation obstructions like communication towers, broadcast towers and tall buildings.

  • Compliant to ICAO (type A), High intensity aviation obstruction warning light
  • Compliant to FAA type L856
  • High intensity light complete with control unit 
  • Unidirectional flashing light designed to provide 360 degree beam pattern. 
  • Automatic selection of Day/Twilight/Night mode 
  • High grade aluminium casting body and stainless steel grade 
  • Flash synchronization available 
  • Advance communication facilities for multiple light systems 
  • Remote fault monitoring of individual light
  • Light LED life span > 50,000 burning hours 
  • Excellent dust and moisture sealing through EPDM gaskets.