Aircraft Warning Light / Obstruction Light

Low & Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Korea

The Low & Medium Intensity Obstruction Lighting System serves as a warning indicator to the aircraft pilot in flight that there will be obstacles/hazard. This product meets the optical requirements of ICAO and has a high efficiency and high performance with its innovative optical repeater and unique heating technology.

The control panel and bracket may vary depending on the installation location and the configuration of the light fixture.

Model No. MAFL-1 MBFL-1 MCX-1 LBX-1 LEFL-1
Type Medium Intensity "A" Medium Intensity "B" Medium Intensity "C" Low
Intensity "B"
Intensity "E"
Power Consumption (Day) 90.1Wh
(Night) 6.9Wh
14.2Wh 41.5Wh 2.5Wh 0.9Wh
Rated Voltage (Day) 45Vdc
(Night) 39Vdc
26.5Vdc 26.5Vdc 12Vdc 12Vdc
Intensity Day 20,000cd - - - -
Twilight 20,000cd - - - -
Night 2,000cd 2,000cd 2,000cd 32cd 32cd
Lamp Color (LED)  White Red Red Red Red
Signal Type Flashing/21fpm Flashing/21fpm Fixed Fixed Flashing/21fpm
IP Rating IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66


Made in Korea