Hose Containment Grips


Wire Management, Hose Containment Grips, Tube Grips, 48" Mesh Length, Cable Dia: 1.44 in-2.19 in

  • These grips will prevent serious injury to personnel and damage to equipment by holding the hose in place in the event of hose failure
  • Kellems® patented Hose Containment Grips are made of stainless steel double weave mesh construction for high strength and come complete with hose clamps
  • Tube Grips obtain complete grip coverage when hose is partially covered at either end with attachment grips
  • Type T-Grips fill in the exposed hose area between the two end grips
  • A telescoped assembly permits overlap to any degree desired beyond the 3” minimum

Product Details


Application Used on high pressure, flexible hose lines to prevent the hose from whipping violently in the event of hose failure at the fitting
Approx Breaking Strength 12,500 lbs
Item Type Tube Grips (Type T)
Material Stainless Steel
UPC 783585369044

Conductor Related

Cable Diameter Range 1.44 in-2.19 in